• Students of Aberdeen reclaim the night

    On Monday 6th of October 100 students from the University of Aberdeen marched from Hillhead to Castlegate in the name of “Reclaim the Night. ” “Reclaim the Night” has been an annual event since the 1970s, designed to raise awareness of violence against women.

  • “Hok San Mo Tsui!” (學生無罪) - “Students are Innocent!”

    Slogans like ‘Occupy Central with Love and Peace’, ‘The Umbrella Revolution’ and pictures of yellow ribbons have been circulating all over Hong Kong and in the international news and social media. Why are they connected with one of the biggest metropolises in the world.

  • Drugs: Penalize or legalize?

    Aarran McPherson explores the merits of the War on Drugs in the first part of this week's Opine debate The War on Drugs has been branded a failure by many over the past few years.   Opponents of the move claim that we should take a more liberal approach towards drug use and should be aiming to legalise so-called “soft drugs”, like Marijuana, which they believe to be less harmful than alcohol and tobacco.

  • Israel: an unforgettable experience

    Why would you travel to Israel. Most governments strongly recommend not to enter the country for good reasons.

  • Interview: Daniel Mutch

    Hey Daniel. Although you’re still really young, you’re a relatively experienced name in the local scene now.

  • Get out strong. Commit.

    ‘Get out strong. Commit’ where the words Scottish 800m runner Lyndsey Sharp wrote on her hand prior to the 800m final at the Commonwealth Games, words to spur her on after what had been an awful night of serious illness in the athlete’s village.

Interview with Thomas Webber

Two of German TV’s biggest names, Jan Mojto of Beta Film and Nico Hofmann of teamWorx, are teaming up to produce an eight part mini-series on the life of Adolf Hitler, and are basing the story on the book ‘Hitler’s First War’ written by the University of Aberdeen’s professor Thomas Webber. The project follows on from the hit TV series ‘Generation War’ and will follow a similar ilk, focusing on four fictionalised characters that witnessed Hitler’s life unfold and telling his story through their eyes.

AUSA autumn elections finished

With the autumn term officially under way, the Aberdeen University Students’ Association (AUSA) September elections for both members of standing committees and academic representatives are now finished, and with almost 700 elections in total it has been an incredibly busy start to the term. This year there have been approximately 600 academic rep elections, and approximately 80 standing committee positions to be filled including the first year reserved places.

The Crucible and Ten Poems — Scottish Ballet

As the first event of the Aberdeen DanceLive festival, The Crucible and Ten Poems took on the responsibility of setting the stage for the rest of the festival, both in tone and quality. Fortunately, the show was more than up to the challenge.


The UK’s first hydrogen production and refuelling station is to be built in Aberdeen. The £19 million Aberdeen City Council project will create a facility at Kittybrewster that is capable of producing hydrogen and refuelling two buses every 30 minutes.


FACTFILE Rue Des Boutiques Obscures (Missing Person) – 1978 Winner of the Prix Goncourt. It is the story, drenched in existentialism, of an amnesiac detective on a journey of selfrediscovery.


The political cost is more important than the human cost when it comes to taxation for David Cameron’s government During the Conservative Party Conference, David Cameron promised to cut taxes for thirty million people—by raising the tax-free allowance from £10,000 to £12,500 as well as raising the threshold for the 40% tax rate from around £42,000 to £50,000. These combined tax cuts will cost the Treasury an estimated £7.


Putting the student newspaper together is never an easy task. You have so many different editors, deputy editors, copy editors, writers, photographers and feral animals to contend with that it can all get a little stressful.

Life & Style

McDonalds branches around the world cater uniform fast food to the masses. The global food chain is most famously discussed in pessimistic social theories, e.


This is not just another film about American high school: The Backseat takes every film about high school and shows it to be horribly romanticised, regardless of how grim it might seem. The film opens with Roy Offerman (Chris Bellant) and Larry DiMarco’s (Craig Kelly, Aberdonian) search for a drummer in their spectacularly bad teenage punk band.


As a grand finale to this summer’s colourful exhibition celebrating the work of world-renowned knitwear and textile designer Kaffe Fassett, Aberdeen Art Gallery will be opening up after-hours for a vibrant and exciting evening complete with DJ sets, vintage gramophones, face painting, artist-led workshops and a pop-up Bos’n bar. Places are designated on a first come, first served basis so get there early and don’t forget to wear your brightest and spangliest of outfits.


The weekly Sunday ride took place in cold, high winds. Five of us gathered at the Sports Village, and decided to strike out for Banchory.

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